Residential Monitoring Pricing:

Our Monitoring station is a.p.i independent station for monitoring. They also have national coverage.

Our monitoring prices are very competitive starting as low as $19.95 per month.

We have many monitoring options to choose from, but here are four of the most popular choices: 

        Option (A) - ($19.95) – (Our Bronze Residential; option includes; Intrusion detection, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Water detection if you have these detectors installed and monthly system test (some companies charge extra for system test).

        Option (B) - ($24.95) – (Our  Silver Residential option includes: Everything in Option (A) plus. Weekly System test, FREE replacement of any equipment that fails to perform properly for the duration of the contract.

        Option (C) - (29.95) – (Our Gold Residential option our most popular residential package includes: Everything in Option (B) plus. Daily System test instead of weekly and FREE labour to repair any faulty equipment that fails to perform properly for duration of the contract 

       Option (D) - (34.95) – (Our Platinum Residential option includes: Everything in Option (C) plus. FREE Transportation to have a technician repair your system for the duration of the contract.

Price of our monitoring options if purchased separately:

  • (Basic Residential Monitoring $19.95)
  • (Equipment Warranty $9.95)
  • (Technicians Labour Warranty $9.95)
  •     (Transportation Warranty $9.95)
  • (Daily Test $9.95)
  • (Weekly Test $4.95)
  • (Monthly Test $0.00)
  • (Weekly Reports $9.95)
  • (Monthly Reports: $4.95)

Note*  HST is extra and all prices quoted are subject to change at any time without notice.
For more information or the latest up to date prices please contact us.

Other Pricing:
Disclaimer: LaFosse’s Lock & Alarm is not legally morally or finically responsible in any way for any loss incurred due to the failure of any alarm system we install. Even though the problem of system failure would be a very rare occurrence it can happen. We are not aware of any company insuring against a system failure. We install excellent quality equipment and believe our alarm system and our installation work to be at least as good if not better then most in Canada. Even though we install superior equipment, and take extreme pride in our installers work, and would be proud to compare both the quality of our workmanship and equipment with any on the market, we cannot insure against failure in our alarm system. We can assure you that you will have both excellent workmanship and excellent equipment.