Licensed, Bonded & Insured
Both units can be monitored by our monitoring station but the personal unit also has an emergency button used to communicate by voice to the monitoring station

We have Factory trained burglar alarm specialist on staff at all time. We consider our service and equipment used to be the best on the market. With our Certified Locksmiths, Security consultants, Security Film installers, Safe and Vault technicians, and DSC Trained Burglar Alarm technicians and the new products and services coming soon, we are considered by many to be the best and most complete security company in Newfoundland and Labrador. Our commitment to our customers is: High quality professional and mannerly service, and top of the line equipment on the market. We have a recognized name for our excellent service and top notch equipment. We will not use inferior products to make a sale. We will not sell or install any alarm systems that do not pass our high company standards.

We know security very well and have, been involved in many aspects of the security business. We have since expanded into many other aspects, such as Armorcoat security film, burglar Alarms, CCTV, Cameras, DVRíS, security consultation, vault and safe work, and coming soon we will also be offering: DNA security marking of valuable objects such as paintings and antiques etc., DNA Signature guard kits for signing important documents such as wills - in the signature guard kit is DNA finger print identification for complete security against document forgery.

Repairing ankle bracelets for house arrest criminals, GPS tracking units used to track vehicles or many types of parcels or equipment, used by professionals such as the Military, the Police, and Trucking companies. Another type of GPS unit is for personal use, mainly used by outdoorsman such as hikers, hunters, fishermen etc .also for children, and; people with Alzheimerís, etc. 
A Little about Us...
Disclaimer: LaFosseís Lock & Alarm is not legally morally or finically responsible in any way for any loss incurred due to the failure of any alarm system we install. Even though the problem of system failure would be a very rare occurrence it can happen. We are not aware of any company insuring against a system failure. We install excellent quality equipment and believe our alarm system and our installation work to be at least as good if not better then most in Canada. Even though we install superior equipment, and take extreme pride in our installers work, and would be proud to compare both the quality of our workmanship and equipment with any on the market, we cannot insure against failure in our alarm system. We can assure you that you will have both excellent workmanship and excellent equipment.
We will be honored to add you to our ever growing list of satisfied customers that like superior service and equipment.

                     With a lot of the competitors systems, if you decide at a later date to stop the monitoring, or to change monitoring companies, they will come to your house or business and remove all the components of the alarm system, which often causes a lot of customers to have to do renovations, to repair screw and wire holes and damage from paint discoloration. We offer our customers both leasing and purchase options. We use top of the line professional equipment and our monitoring company is second to none. We can provide the names of many of our customers who will give you excellent commits about our work.

             For our alarm equipment we use mostly DSC. which to our understanding is the top alarm manufacturing company in North America.  DSC is used by more respected alarm companies then any other equipment on the market.

            Be aware of companies that say they monitor your alarm from their home. They have to be home all of the time. What if they are at a party and get drunk or on drugs? Do you want your family and property protected by that kind of poor class monitoring?

            Our Monitoring station is a.p.i independent station for monitoring. They also have national coverage.  All responses are relayed to local emergency services.

            In this time of increase crime and rampant drug use you need to make your family feel secure at home. If you have a business you like to need to feel secure in leaving your investment protected to the best if your ability. Donít wait until you are robbed and have to spend thousands of dollars to replace your losses and repair the damages done by a thief who will destroy everything he touches while looking for valuables. We have installed many alarms for customers that have been robbed; they always say they wish they had an alarm installed BEFORE they were robbed. After they have had us install an alarm they always say they have never felt safer in many years. The money they have had to spend in repairs and replacement of stolen property could have bought then a dozen burglar alarms.

For more information or a FREE security consultation please give us a call at one of the above numbers and we will gladly help you.