CX-5 High Security Locks

CX-5 High Security System Overview

The CX-5 System uses the innovative Sidebar  Advantage technology to provide first class Key Control.  Combined with distinct CX-5 keyways and a controlled  method of key blank distribution, the Sidebar Advantage  offers a superior level of Key Control management.

Utility Patented Key Control System

Numerous stages of verification are involved with each CX-5 transaction to ensure the highest level of Key Control:

CX-5 Essentials

- Pick Resistance: Non-spring loaded finger side pins and
   random mushroom top pins make the CX-5 cylinder
   virtually pick-resistant.
- Drill Resistance: Hardened steel pins located across plug face   protects the top and bottom pins from a drilling attack. The       
   hardened steel sidebar protects the finger side pins.
- Keying: All CX-5 cylinders can be masterkeyed, keyed-alike, or keyed-different.
- Exclusivity: Over 900 Sidebar combinations per keyway available.
- Ease of Use: Keys can be cut on any standard key duplicating machine, or by code cutting machine, with     HPC card. No special machine is required.

Restricted Keys

The ultimate in high security.
Restricted keys guarantee that your keys will never be copied without your authorization.
Whether you require to secure one building or an entire multi level complex, we have the system for you to keep total control.
Particular CX-5 keyways are patented.
*  Distribution of key blanks is strictly managed by authorized distributors.
* Sidebar Advantage technology provides over 900 sidebar configurations per keyway.
*  Each official CX-5 distributor is assigned a unique open sidebar configuration.
*  Any locksmith or institution that meet required quantities may purchase an exclusive sidebar configuration.
*  Signature card is required to permit duplication of any CX-5 key.
Disclaimer: LaFosse’s Lock & Alarm is not legally morally or finically responsible in any way for any loss incurred due to the failure of any alarm system we install. Even though the problem of system failure would be a very rare occurrence it can happen. We are not aware of any company insuring against a system failure. We install excellent quality equipment and believe our alarm system and our installation work to be at least as good if not better then most in Canada. Even though we install superior equipment, and take extreme pride in our installers work, and would be proud to compare both the quality of our workmanship and equipment with any on the market, we cannot insure against failure in our alarm system. We can assure you that you will have both excellent workmanship and excellent equipment.